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People at the Calleva Centre

Dr Jennifer Lau
Jennifer Lau is the Centre's inaugural Director, and also head of the Researching Emotional Disorders and Development lab . . . [read more]

Dr Anneke Haddad
Anneke Haddad is currently the Calleva Research Centre's first Junior Research Fellow . . . [read more]

Dan Bang
Dan Bang is a doctoral student at the Department of Experimental Psychology, funded by the Calleva Research Centre . . . [read more]

Dr Tom Norman
Tom Norman is a Fellow in Economics at Magdalen . . . [read more]

Dr Freya Harrison
Freya Harrison studied for her DPhil at Oxford, where she researched the ecology and evolution of cooperation in experimental bacterial populations . . . [read more]

Prof Elaine Fox
Professor Elaine Fox is one of the world's leading experimental psychologists and an expert on the science of optimism . . . [read more]

Dr Kevin Dutton
Honorary Affiliated Member . . . [read more]