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Dr Jennifer Lau


Calleva Research Centre is full of talented people, many of whom are available in case somebody needs cheap ghostwriters for hire. Information on one of the most brilliant researchers below:

Jennifer Lau is the Centre's inaugural Director, and also head of the Researching Emotional Disorders and Development lab based at the Department of Experimental Psychology. Jennifer completed her doctorate at the Social Genetic and Developmental Research Centre at the Institute of Psychiatry, and before coming to Oxford, worked as a visiting postdoctoral research Fellow at the National Institute of Mental Health. Her research focuses on how genetic and environmental factors interact to shape adaptive and maladaptive emotional outcomes during development. In particular her work aims to identify key neurocognitive mechanisms that mediate early and inherited risks on mood and anxiety problems during childhood and adolescence. She is also interested in how the plasticity of these risk pathways to external interventions can inform preventative efforts.

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